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Dog's Reaction to Catching Owner Having a Snack Without Him Is Priceless

There is no one who judges you for getting a snack quite like your pet. And that's pretty much because they want in on the fun too. One woman was getting some serious attitude from her mini-Poodle after she reached for some cookies without offering him a treat. And yes, the judgement was absolutely scathing. 

The best word to describe Papa is nosy. He's always in his mom's, Ashley (@ashlandavenue), business, whether that be keeping tabs on her when she goes out — or paying her a very unwelcomed visit while she's in the bathroom. But this time he was thoroughly put out when his mom went to the kitchen without him. "When my dog catches me eating a snack without him," the text overlay reads. "Well, just as I thought...trash," the sound accompanying the video says. And honestly, the look on Papa's face is everything. He knows there are snack being eaten!

It's safe to say that Papa was not happy. But you know you did have a good sense of humor about this whole thing? The comments section. "SO YOU REALLY NOT GONE OFFER ME NONE HUH?!" @seantraevibes wrote, channeling Papa's inner dialogue. "His lil facial expressions and body language get me every time," @l.u.x.e commented. "I felt that so hard I giggled out loud," @kblanchette admitted. "They be listening for crinkling noises and the microwave running," @theinvinciblejasmine joked.

This wasn't the first time that Papa gave his mom the business for not giving him what he wants. In a second hilarious footage, he seemed seriously annoyed that he wasn't getting a trip to the park. Fair warning, there is a wee bit of swearing in this one. 

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Dogs. They really think they run the house, don't they?

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