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Mom Leaves the Room for 2 Seconds and Finds Puppy Helping Herself to Cheetos

Puppies are always thinking they can get away with sneaking around, ripping up furniture or even stealing human food. They think they can pull a fast one on us. But what they don't know is that this isn't our first rodeo. We can spot their tricks from a mile away!

An adorable Golden Retriever puppy tested her luck when her mom turned her back for a two seconds. The puppy hopped up on two legs and went nose deep into a bag of Cheetos! The video shared by @m_tothedozen has reached over 5.8 million views and 559.2K likes. 

She was caught orange pawed! Well, actually, she was very smart and knew to keep her little paws out of the bag. But still, she was caught! "Just tryna make sure her paws aren't orange. Good girl," wrote one user. The creator responded saying, "Haha that was my thought, too! 'At least she avoided Cheeto paws' 😂😂😂." 

@Meaghan commented, "She’s just doing her part 😂." Really! She was just making sure no food goes to waste. A puppy garbage disposal if you will! "She's good at it too 😂😂," the mom responded. 

Did you hear how loud she was chomping at those Cheetos? So cute! "*cronch cronch cronch,*" said @Zac Johnson. "This could be a Super Bowl commercial for Cheetos!" added @Bittle520.

On a more serious note, it's good to be aware about the dangers that are present in this video. Many TikTok users were concerned, citing how animals can choke from the chip bags. This is a great tip for anyone to be more cautious. "To everyone concerned - thank you," mom wrote in the comments. "The bag was immediately removed after this and mom was quickly reminded to be more aware of her surroundings 💜."