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Dog Gets 'Caught in the Middle' of Child's Tantrum and We Can't Stop Laughing

Dogs often get along well with children and form strong bonds with them. However, that doesn't mean that our dogs and our children always get along. Sometimes, our furry friends can get a little bit tired of the antics and tantrums of our young kids, just like this pup did.

TikTok user recently shared a video of one of her children throwing a temper tantrum, which isn't an unusual occurrence for a young child. In the video, however, there is an innocent bystander caught in-between the upset kid and the exasperated mom: the family dog! Check out the video below to see how this pup reacted to the show down going on around him.

LOL this dog's reaction was too funny! He was not a fan of the meltdown that was happening in front of him, and he decided to get outta there! We can totally understand his motivation, though.

People in the comments couldn't believe this pup's reaction and were very amused. @_mystic.mar_ said, "He is STRESSED. God, I love dogs," and @kae0784 commented, "He’s so embarrassed for y’all." This dog was picking up on some bad vibes in the room!

Others imaged what this pup might have been saying in the moment. @jake._.miller commented, 'Dog was like, “Well it’s getting late, I should probably hit the hay.”' Another user, @tammiewinter, said, 'He’s like, "I don’t want any part in this."' This dog did not want to end his evening on this negative note!

We just can't stop watching this video because of this pup's funny face. He was very eager to escape this scene! We hope he was able to find a bit more peace and quiet elsewhere in the house.

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