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Golden Retriever Chews a Hole in Owner's Curtains and Total Hilarity Ensues

TikTok user @chriscanlon was out running an errand and left his two dogs at home. He trusted them to be alone as he's probably done a hundred times before. That means nothing could go wrong, right? Wrong! This is a classic case that shows dogs really love keeping us on our toes. LOL!

As this TikToker returned home and walked inside, he noticed only one dog laying in their bed. What on earth? Where is the other one? As he turns the corner he sees that his Golden Retriever didn't get too far. That poor pup was stuck! But don't feel too bad yet, the doggo clearly walked himself into that situation. All we know is that if we were in this owner's shoes, we couldn't be mad. It's absolutely hilarious!

O.M.G. Is he serious?! We have so many questions of how he actually managed to eat a hole through the curtain. Like why did he start eating it in the middle? Wouldn't it have been easier to go from the bottom? LOL! It doesn't matter. He got stuck which lead to him getting caught. Better luck next time!

"He looking at you like, 'Yeah what's your problem?' 😂," said @arnb134. LOL! The look made it seem like it was the owner's fault. Like how dare he have these curtains in the house? Ha! And based on this situation, we bet those curtains won't last long in the house! 

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If only he didn't get stuck, then the owner wouldn't know what dog did it. LOL! But of course, the other dog was sitting there LOLing because he knew for once he wasn't in trouble. "😂😂😂😂 the one in his bed like, 'Dad it wasn’t me,'" commented @meganX. There's no denying who did it this time!  @rixjdr added, "The other one laughing his head off! 😂." We would've done the same thing if we were in that dog's paws!  

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