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Christmas Getaway for Dogs Is Something Out of a Holiday Hallmark Movie

Forget about new treats or toys for your four-legged babies this holiday season. It's time you get them the present they deserve! So get ready to pack your things and a few doggy sweaters for your bestie because it's time to book a getaway!

Before you wonder why would you book a vacation with your dog, trust us and just watch this clip. All you need is a quick trip to The Rowley Farm, known on TikTok as @rowleyfarmholidays. This dog-friendly farm stay is about 2 hours from London in Worcestershire. It truly is the perfect Christmas vacation that you and your dog need! 

Aww, is this not the cutest place to vacation!? Just think of how happy your puppos would be roaming around this farm and meeting all the different animals. There's no way any gift would ever top this experience. 

"I'm in love! I need to attend!!!" said @itsellamidd. You and us both! We're kicking ourselves for not knowing about this magic wonderland earlier. "Yes, this is the energy we need. Don't worry, if you are single, take your dog," added @sendingrainbows. Who cares if you don't have a significant other to bring with, just bring your fur bestie. Sounds like a better trip anyway! HA! 

@kateoakes85 asked, "Can I come and stay with the dogs?" This is a very important question. And there's good news. The creator responded, "We allow well behaved hoomans!" Perfect! We know you're all itching to book, so check out The Rowley Farm website. Just don't book anything until we book ours first. LOL! 


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