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Precious Dog Christmas Tree Toppers Help Feed Shelter Dogs in Need

Instead of using the same ole Christmas ornaments and tree topper year after year, why not try something different this year? In fact, try something that will end up supporting a good cause since it is the season of giving. And we know just what to do! 

TikTok user @iheartdogscom shared with us this amazing Christmas tree topper that has a very beautiful meaning behind it. First of all, the tree topper is so adorable. You'll be wanting one immediately. And secondly, your heart will melt when you hear what each purchase of this item buys.

O.M.G. Every order feeds an entire dog shelter!? That is 30 shelter dogs with just one order. We're so blown away by this. It's so smart and so caring, perfect for this giving season. And you can bet your bottom dollar that we'll be ordering six even though we only have one tree. LOL! 

"I received my orders, just like a regular store. Products are very well made and shipping fast. I recommend this highly!" said @aviavi872. We don't even need a recommendation because we know we're ordering this ASAP! Who wouldn't want a dog tree topper looking over everyone on Christmas morning?! 

If you're interested in purchasing this item, follow this link. Make sure you check out some of the other dog-inspired Christmas items that would be perfect as gifts. The best part? A purchase with a lot of their other items also means a donation to a dog shelter. Sounds like we found our new favorite store! 

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