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Dog's On-Point Reaction to Mom Singing a 'Disney' Tune Is Cracking People Up

Your dog knows you too well sometimes. Just like one woman on TikTok showed, after her Chihuahua Casper interrupted her while she was singing to hit the show-stopping note. Thankfully, Pam Quinn of @thepamquinn isn't the jealous type and was more than happy to let her pup steal the spotlight. 

Casper loves singing with his mama, but he definitely doesn't like to wait his turn. Just take a look at the video of Pam trying to sing "Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale," from Cinderella.

Welp, that took a turn. Sorry Pam, we guess Casper wanted to cut in. "Wait for it..." the video's text overlay joked. 

The video has since been watched over 1.7 million times and people couldn't stop laughing. "He wanted to stop you getting a sore throat with the high pitched note," @jackiehjohnson joked. "He’s like.. shush! I can do this better human!" @lissaannblue teased. "He said I'm the star of this show," @dramadropout8 kidded. "When everyone is singing and you want to join…just as you relax and hit that high note…everyone else goes silent…" @katherinea0717 quipped. 

Unfortunately for Pam, this wasn't the first time that Casper interrupted her while she was singing. Check out this video where the pup wouldn't let her get even a word in edgewise. 

Sigh. What a diva!

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