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Video of Dog Getting Cleaned with a Leaf Blower Is Total Internet Gold

If you don't have eyes in the back of your head, you might miss your dog getting into mischief especially if you let them outside. Something about dirt and mud that they can't get enough of. That's why if you do let them out, you have to watch them extra closely. Otherwise you might have to do what this dog dad does.

TikTok user @curlys.fries recently posted a clip of the routine he has after his dog comes back after playing outside. You would think a quick towel drying would do the trick, but nope! This owner has to bring out a big tool that you normally wouldn't use on dogs.

O.M.G. This dog owner really brought out the leaf blower to get his dirty, fur bestie all clean. And now the clip has nearly 4 million views! Guess we aren't the only ones shocked and amazed at this genius idea. LOL!

"He just sits there like, 'I know the deal,'" commented @instigatorofficial. Ha! Poor pup probably goes through this all the time. You think he'd learn by now. @_leezul added, "The fact that he sits and just accepts it 😂." He knows the consequences but decided playing in the dirt outweighs the leaf blower! 

@CaptianMomo exclaimed, "I WAS NOT EXPECTING A COLOR CHANGE 😂." For starters, we weren't expecting a leaf blower. But yes, a color change too?! This doggo must've been filthy. LOL! @idont_wanta said, "I want a color-changing dog...." We didn't know we wanted either until this clip. Where can we get one?! 


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