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Video of Dog Being Rescued From Cliff in California Restores Our Faith in Humanity

TikTok user @samkline56 was overlooking the cliffs in Mendocino, California when she heard something crying in the distance. As she scanned the area, she saw a lonesome dog stranded at the bottom of the cliffs. Next thing she knows, members of the Mendocino Fire Rescue were at the scene, working to help this doggo. 

It's uncertain how the dog ended up at the bottom of the cliffs near the water, especially since it's a huge drop from the top. Some might assume he fell, but again, we have no confirmation of what happened. All we do know is that the poor pup was stuck and the rescue team was working quickly to save him. Watch how the team got to this stranded dog, but get ready because it'll put you on an emotional rollercoaster. 

Wow! What an amazing rescue. We're so happy this good doggo was saved. Tears were first shed from behind our screens because of the dog's cries, followed by happy tears as the team got to him. We can't even imagine what was going through that owner's mind. Luckily, the Mendocino Fire Rescue was quick to respond. True heroes! 

TikTok user @gibbygonewild69 wrote what we're all thinking, "His little cries broke my heart." Right? Absolutely so sad! He was beyond scared, crying for help. We'd be too if we were in this situation. "He’s so scared but still sitting there like the goodest boy 😩," added @budapestgambit. He must've known the boat was coming for him as soon as he saw them. 

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"Every once in a blue moon my faith in humanity is restored," said @ChixRivahChic. And this is absolutely one of those times that it's restored. We're beyond thankful for this rescue team for their quick response. Check out part 2 of the rescue! 

"It was the kiss on the head that go me in the feels. Tears of joy. God's blessings to you guys and the pupper ♥️," wrote @tee.ell.cee. We're seriously speechless about this rescue. We hope this doggo received all the loving and treats he could ever want. "We like happy endings," said @Bbishop480. And no matter how many times we say thank you, it will never be enough.

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