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Video of Dog Comforting Her Sister During a Bad Dream Melts Our Hearts

We say all the time that we don’t deserve dogs, but it’s true! They’re so sweet, loyal, and lovable. Dogs know how to make any bad day better. Plus, they’re very protective of their owners. That trait can be applied to anyone they love, even their furry siblings. It doesn’t matter who or what. Dogs will protect the ones in their pack. They’re truly four-legged angels!

Even if it is something small, dogs just know when to step in. Take for instance these two furry siblings, known on TikTok as @babybearyuki. Yuki the Samoyed and Maple the Australian Shepherd are always looking out for each other. One afternoon, Yuki and Maple were enjoying a little snooze when Yuki fell into a deep sleep. The video shows Yuki sleep barking, which one might assume is a bad dream. This woke up Maple. And being the sweet, loyal, and protective dog she is, she stepped in to help her sister.

Aww! Maple didn't mind that she was woken up. All she cared about was making sure Yuki felt safe. And when Yuki went back to sleep, Maple stayed up, right by her side! We want Maple with us when we have bad dreams! 

“Awwww poor Yuki and maple is so caring for her sister they are going to be the best duo!” wrote They already are the best duo! Siblings = built-in best friends! Another commenter, @jannah_meg_jlo, said, “Maple be like, ‘I’m here for you buddy 😘.” See, dogs are always there for the ones they love. 

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@Tytyler🏳️‍🌈 brought up an excellent point. The comment said, "The fact that the brown dog is younger than her is so cute." Wow! Normally it's older siblings who look after the younger ones, but Maple decided it was her turn to step up! So cute! She's the best protector we've ever seen! 

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