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Dog's Kind Gesture Toward Fur Sibling Who Had a Bad Dream Couldn't Be Sweeter

Dogs' ability to love with their whole hearts is just one reason why they're so special. Whether they're enjoying quality time with their favorite person or are loving on a fur sibling, there truly is nothing else like it. For @itsevabarrera, dog mom to Aussie and Goldie (take a wild guess what their breeds are), watching her babies sleep is just as special as any other moment.

The sweetness began when Goldie experienced a nightmare about a month ago, which led to her waking up crying. Being the amazing little brother that he is, Aussie has been sleeping by her side ever since. Believe it or not, it gets even cuter, but we'll let you see for yourself!

Aren't you just in love with these two? This precious gesture is so simple yet so powerful--no wonder their mama had to catch it on tape! The "sibling love 🥰," as @yourgirllexi43 put it, won't ever get old.

"Omg! SO SWEET 🥰," commented @jdschmidt44. Right?! We wish we had someone around to hold our hand after a bad dream. Goldie is one lucky girl, but we're sure she's just as attentive to her Australian Shepherd brother. While she's awake, that is!

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A quick scroll through @itsevabarrera's account will show just how closely bonded these pups are. Whether they're napping, playing, or visiting the doggie pool--they're doing it together. It's especially cute how Aussie is so gentle with his big sis, especially considering their rather large difference in age.

Just look at how they play together!

We just can't get enough of this furry duo! There's no guessing just what adorable thing they'll be up to next.

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