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Dog ‘Communicates’ With Man’s Deceased Grandpa in Video We Can’t Believe

Some of us believe in the afterlife. But for the skeptical, you might want to take a look at a recent viral video from Robert Tolppi (@roberttolppi). The TikTok creator happened to capture a spooky moment between his dog and what appeared to be the ghost of his grandfather. And we don't know about you, but consider us spooked. 

Like something out of a scary movie, Tolppi's video had over 2.2 million people feeling afraid. The video starts off with the TikToker's dog staring intently at the couch. And then she steps on one of her dog buttons. "Here," the button says. Then the pup hits a second button — "Grandfather," it continues. "No, he isn't here," Tolppi can be heard saying off screen. "He's gone Molly, what are you looking at?" he asks. The video definitely leaves off with a big finish, but you'll have to see it for yourself and decide if it's real!

People in the comments section were freaked. "Animals see spirits so when they see someone they mean it!" @divinelovehealing444 wrote. "I'm sorry. I would leave. that's Grampy's house now," @dynodarling joked. "The imprint on the couch got me," @amandasingh1313 admitted. "Holy my heart SANNNNKKKKK," @roachcaine added.

But some people thought the video was too good to be true. "So you're tellin' me your dog only got 4 buttons and you made one of them Grampa?" @ty_siuuu wondered. "Well if that's a real video I'm totally impressed," @triciaeve51 wrote. "Easily done with Harry Potter's invisibility cloak," @jerske01 teased. 

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So whether or not you believe Grandpa paid the two a visit (or that this was the work of some tricky editing), the footage definitely got us thinking. The truth is out there! 

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