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Dog Wearing a Cone Morphs Into the Famous 'Pixar Lamp' in Viral Video

Our furry friends always brighten up our day and sometimes, we poke fun at them to get an extra giggle out. It's all harmless, of course! One TikTok famous Labrador is the latest subject of a joke after he came home from the vet wearing a cone, or what some call a lampshade.

This pup, @good.boy.ollie, is known for whipping up delicious treats on TikTok, but about 2 weeks ago Ollie had to get a lump removed from his eyelid. When leaving the vet, he was forced to wear a cone around his neck. He might not have been thrilled about it, but we think he's still adorable! His owner did some quick thinking to get us an amazing video. All we can say is, Pixar needs to hire this good boy! 

Ollie flawlessly fits as the "I" in Pixar and looks just like the lamp! He stops perfectly in the empty space, looking right at the camera. Pixar totally needs to use this intro on their movies! "Ollie > the Pixar lamp," commented @Harry Morris, and @Babybearyuki added, "Ollie is the cutest Pixar lamp 😂❤️."

@Dexter and Daragh wrote, "Petition to have Pixar use this video for all their future movies 📑." Where is the petition? We'll immediately sign it! It's not just us that wants Pixar to hire Ollie, everyone in the comments is on board for this adorable collaboration. "I'D LOVE TO SEE THE ANIMATORS DO THE REAL LOGO LIKE THIS!!," said @🌿pluto🌙. 

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As @Stanley's Mumma put it, this video is "Brilliant 👏 👏," and top-notch creativity. "You win the Internet today," said @Oliver Eli Shearer. 

Now, there's no need to worry about Ollie. The creator wrote in the comments that the lump was tested, coming back clear, and he has since been all healed! Hopefully, Ollie can back to cooking for us in no time, or perhaps star in a future Pixar film? Time will tell.

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