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Dog's Confused Reaction to His Birthday Party Is Just the Best

Now that pets are becoming the millennial version of kids, that means plenty more pet birthday parties are happening. And we aren't complaining one bit! In fact, we actually prefer these pet birthday parties. (But shhh, don't tell the kids that!) 

The owners of TikTok doggo @finnyunleashed recently celebrated Finny's birthday. The party, of course, included dessert, decorations and friends. And this Golden Doodle's reaction when people started singing is absolutely priceless. Check it out!

Aww! Finny was so confused about what was happening. It looks like he didn't really want the attention on him. Actually, all of the dogs looked confused. @gofetch wrote, "Not one of them was impressed." HA! Their faces were saying, "This is the best party you can throw?" They better step it up next year!

"I love how dogs get just as embarrassed as us haha," said @lukef86. Ha! Maybe Finny wasn't confused, he was just embarrassed his parents decided to throw him a birthday party. A pup cup would have been plenty for him! @stephm1705 added, "He's so confused why the rest of his mates lack table manners." He was confused and annoyed that his friends were taking the attention off of him. Don't his friends know this day is all about Finny!? 

@kellyw1212 asked, "How does one go about getting invited to a dog birthday party because I need this lol." We all need this! Guess the first step to going to a dog birthday party is getting a dog. LOL! 


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