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Connecticut Dog's Confusion Over Being at the Shelter Makes Us Sob

There are a variety of reasons that dogs end up at shelters, but the most mind-boggling reason is when families decide they don't want their pets anymore and just drop them off at the shelter. It is terrible that people who do this don't understand that a dog becomes a member of your family and is a long commitment. One pup at a shelter recently experienced the heartbreak of abandonment, and the video is tragic.

Little Guild is an animal shelter in West Cornwall, Connecticut, and they recently shared a video on their TikTok page, @littleguild, of a brown Pit Bull named Jodi. In the video, they say that this pup's family surrendered her after having her for seven years, and Jodi doesn't understand why she's in the shelter. Check out the video to see this sweet pup, and help her find a family that is worthy of her love.

Oh my goodness, Jodi is absolutely precious. We cannot fathom why her family would give her up—she seems like the perfect pet! Hopefully Jodi finds a new family quickly who will love and cherish her for the rest of her life.

People in the comments are in disbelief over Jodi's circumstances. @nana._.amazing7 said, "How sad! I don't understand how people could do such a thing. Are they giving up their children, because it's the same thing to me!" Another user, @mastiffdad1776, commented, "Nope. My pups are with me to the end. I can't believe people have the audacity to do this." There is absolutely nothing that could motivate us to give up our dogs! 

Others are sending their well wishes to Jodi in her search for a new home. @sharonbewleystenning commented, "Oh sweet baby. I’m so sorry this happened to you," and @litlconshylee said, "Poor Jodi... I hope she finds her forever home soon... She looks so sad." We just can't bear the thought of Jodi sitting in that shelter for another day!

Neither we nor Jodi will ever understand why her former family left her at the shelter, but we just hope this sweet girl knows it's not her fault and she will find happiness again soon!

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