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Video of Dog Trying to 'Convince' Mom to Stay in for the Night Is Priceless

Every pup parent knows the struggle of trying to go out when your best furry friend is waiting at home. It can be so heartbreaking! It can also be funny, though, as @goldenlifeofbailey and his mama prove in their new video. 

For this Golden Retriever, nothing can top hanging out with his mom. He has the silliest way of showing it as she gets ready to go out with the girls, though, and we're loving it. 

What a sneaky boy! Baily is so silly waiting in the shadows like that, but we'd be lying if we said it didn't catch us off guard at first. We might even be spooked seeing that in the dark!

"Hahaha this got me," commented @ambermollydog. LOL! We can see why he tried this sneaky tactic if it tends to work on his mama, but what he didn't know is that it would work on all of TikTok! 

@Thehuskymoon_ guessed that Baily could also be thinking "take me wif u hooman.' We wouldn't be surprised! Bailey's mom replied, "Mum better not go anywhere without me... I am her only child after all." That's relatable AF! Our fur babies are our babies without a doubt, and we'd bring them everywhere if we could.

In another reply, Bailey's mom responded to @oltangntiki: "The amount of times I have cancelled because I wanna stay home with my dog. No wonder if my friends don't like me anymore!" LMAO! If they're real friends, though, they'll get it. Maybe they'll even want to hang out for a night in...with Bailey, of course!

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