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Behind-the-Scenes Video of Dog Couple's Maternity Photoshoot Is Giving Us Life

People aren't the only ones who celebrate the arrival of their little ones. Just take a peek at these two pawrents-to-be! Pernell the pup put on his Sunday best to snap a few portraits with his French Bulldog baby mama, and their maternity photoshoot is just the sweetest thing.

Dog mama and TikTok user @princessandshay posted this adorable behind-the-scenes look at her pup's photoshoot. Needless to say, her followers are just loving this whole scene! 

OMFG--we're obsessed! Pernell and his lady both look so dapper in their outfits, though it's their owners who truly deserve a round of applause for their efforts. From the tutu to the flower decor, we give it a ten out of ten!

"Pernell done messed up!" wrote commenter @kalishaerin. LOL! We suppose photoshoots aren't his favorite thing in the world, but it's the least he can do after the adventures he's been on. Just a little scroll on his mom's account reveals what a loose cannon this guy really is!

"Wait a minute now!!! Pernell bout to be a daddy?" @dw3307 raved. "Oh Lawd momma nooooo!!! We want a blood test." We are just dying over here! Clearly, there's more of a story that Pernell's followers need to know, but we're just curious to see what his pups will look like. "[They're] gonna be pretty babies 'cause they're both cute," agreed @tinajohnson782. Well, duh!

As sweet as this scene is proving itself to be, it's also a great reminder of what can happen with an un-fixed pet. We're so glad these pups' parents are being responsible for the suprise! 

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