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Dog's Funny Response to Hearing the Word 'COVID' Is Making People Chuckle

We all picked up some new habits and skills during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people learned how to bake bread, others became more vigilant in their handwashing, and others picked up old hobbies again. One pandemic-pup has picked up a strange reflex that is too funny.

TikTok user @psychnursehailey recently shared a video of her Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix, Bobo. In the video, she says the word 'COVID' a few times, and after more than 2 years in the pandemic, this dog picked up a funny reaction. Check out the video to see what this dog does when he hears his mom say 'COVID.'

LOL, Bobo is such a funny dog! He knows that having COVID means you're sick, and when people are sick, they sneeze! It's awesome that he knows this and so funny that he reacts this way.

People in the comments think Bobo is so cute for reacting like this. @thatdoggosarge said, "I lost it with the “ACHOO,” so cute," and @rolandcolpittis commented, "If that little one has COVID, I would definitely like to spend quarantine with that adorable little pup." We definitely wouldn't mind hearing this little one sneeze all day long!

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Others thought this would be a good trick to use if you want to get out of a commitment. @elinaxo7 commented, "Me calling into work and giving my dog the phone," and @hottyhazelgirl said, "I can’t come to work, my dog has COVID." People on the phone would hear all of the sneezing and wouldn't even question if someone was actually sick or not!

It is too funny that this is what Bobo learned from all the time in the pandemic. Maybe next Bobo can learn a different word to associate with cough so he can start doing that on command as well!

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