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Dog Totally Crashes Couple’s Wedding Vows and We Can’t Get Enough

Weddings are such a special way to celebrate love – it’s no wonder why people love them! At one recent wedding, though, one guest was particularly excited to celebrate alongside his paw-rents.

This sweet Labrador Retriever was more than happy to make his way down the aisle, though not nearly as gracefully as his mama–the bride–must have walked. He proceeded to have a party of his very own as he reached the altar, and we must say, his parents didn’t seem at all surprised. The larger-than-life moment was captured by @fortheloveofdogs, a New England-based company that dresses, preps, and cares for pets on their humans' big day (check them out on The Knot). You won't want to miss it!

Everything from this dog’s sprinting head start to the crazy jumping that sends the mic stand flying is pure Lab energy, and let’s just say we’re here for it! So are all the guests and bridesmaids apparently, who seem to be almost as thrilled as the pup. Commenter @nance_is_here said it best: “That mic 🎤 drop was everything 🤣”!

Many pet parents could identify with the bride and groom, giving them kudos for letting their crazy boy be a part of the celebration. Pet parent @ashleyabbis wrote, "yup that is exactly what my dog would have done, after she greeted the guests lol", while @adrionne_ chimed in, "This would be my dog after he gave every person ONE single kiss. On the mouth. 😅"

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The account who posted the video quickly came to the defense of the bride and groom when @koapaka commented "My dog is not invited bcuz of this reason lmfao". 

"The couple said they wanted their dog to be his true self!" posted @fortheloveofdogs. "If they had said they wanted him to walk calmly and relaxed, we would have had him do that!"

No matter how he got down the aisle we’re mostly relieved about one thing. @kindredmom825 read our minds: “I was just praying he didn’t tackle mom in that gorgeous dress! 😂”

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