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Dog Waiting for Mom to Finish Her Wedding Vows Is the World's Cutest Wedding Crasher

One of the most popular (and adorable) wedding trends in recent years involves including your dog in the big day. They're part of the family, after all! Whether they simply attend their human's wedding or play an active role in the ceremony, nuptial photographer @duminciucbogdanfilms has seen it all.

At one of the weddings he recently filmed, the bride's dog decided to be more involved in the ceremony than planned. At first, one of the bridesmaids tries to reign the pup back in, but she's too late: there's a new maid--or man-- of honor now!

If this isn't every dog mama's dream wedding moment, we have no clue what is. It's just too precious! Besides being as pure and innocent as can be, it's like the pup is telling their new dad that they were there first!

"🐶 : she's mine, you're not taking her," commented @jensku_91. That's totally what it seems like! Especially considering the timing of this move, we wouldn't be surprised if this doggo was just looking for some attention, though. 

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Or perhaps they just wanted to rest! We'd be oblivious not to notice how relaxed this baby looks while lounging on his mom's dress. If that's the case, then @nicoleelizabeth777's comment hit it right on the nose. “'Thanks mom for packing this blankey' 🐶," she wrote. That statement is just as casual and innocent as this pup--it's perfect!

Needless to say, viewers were concerned that the newlyweds would somehow not commemorate this precious moment. "Tell me someone got that as a photo!" @trixienuggets said. How could someone not? If it were our wedding, we'd have a separate photographer just for our dog! 

Either way, this dog absolutely created the "best wedding photo 🥰," as @lovemyweims worded it. We're sure this couple will never forget their adorable wedding crasher. At the very least, they'll always have a viral video to remember it by!

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