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Dog Cries Himself to Sleep in the Arms of Woman Who Saved Him From Euthanasia

Given just how many animals are sitting in shelters waiting for loving homes, it’s a wonder that anyone would buy a dog in this day and age. There are just so many other deserving pets who would make incredible companions if only people would step up and give them a chance. Thankfully, one amazing woman got to the shelter just in time to save one pup’s life.

A new TikTok video shared by @super_scooty explains how she arrived at the shelter to find a dog literally being wheeled down the hall in a cage on his way to be euthanized. He had broken hips, which is why he was scheduled to be put down. She knew there was no way she could let that happen, so she adopted this sweet dog and took him home with her. In the clip, you’ll see the pup lying in her arms, trembling, and crying himself to sleep. If this doesn’t convince you to #adoptdontshop, nothing will. Get the tissues ready. 

Are you even believing this? The poor baby was scared, traumatized, grateful, and relieved, all at the same time. He couldn’t even control the myriad of emotions as he finally realized he was safe, secure, and in the care of someone who will love him. Needless to say, TikTok users are so moved by this pup’s story. One commenter, @Britney Jensen said, “Breaks my heart 🥺. So glad you saved him!” Another user, @hannahhhlindsay asked, “How do you treat him? Can he live a good life? I always thought they would be need to euthanized.” The creator replied with, “SOO many dogs that are put down are wonderful dogs that can be easily treated. He required $7k worth of surgery and walks just fine now.” (How wonderful to hear!) And @DBrown1112 added, “Thank you! You’re his forever angel. He will never forget it 😇.” Indeed, he won’t!

Thankfully, it sounds like there are many brighter days ahead for this precious boy. His rescuer posted a follow-up clip. She named him Wyatt, and it looks as though he’s truly thriving in his new home! 

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OMG! Wyatt went from being minutes from being euthanized to running on the beach and enjoying every second of life with his new, loving family. We’re so touched at how happily this story ended. With any luck, Wyatt and his wonderful rescuer will inspire more people to save a life if they have the means to do so.

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