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Video of Attention-Seeking Dog Hilariously Crying to Mom Cracks Us Up

Any time someone gets a new dog, they tend to spoil them with attention. You want to be holding them 24/7, snuggling and petting them. The pup is new and you're obsessed. (Don't worry, we've all been there before!) The only downside of showering them with attention is that the dogs get used to it. And so when you move your head away from them for one second, it's game over. That's what happened with TikTok user @trisarahtops_90

This creator was relaxing on the couch, watching TV when something started making noise to her left. She must've thought it was hilarious because she starts to film what was going on. The camera slowly moves to the left to reveal her part Husky, part German Shepherd and part Malamute. That's a lot of dog! No wonder he had so many words to say. LOL! You won't believe what he does to get the attention back on him! 

LMAO! We were expecting the dog to just be sitting by her feet, crying for attention, but this goes above and beyond! The whining, the positioning, everything. It's priceless! And in his defense, he just wanted to make sure she saw him. Understandable!  

"*How dare you not look at me*," commented @natti2521. Come on, doesn't she know by now that he needs all the attention?!  Another TikTok user, @julespr77, said, "OMG the abuse 😂." Oh yes, he probably gets treated so badly! @wigglebuttpups added, "Awwww…. I’m sure that pup gets no attention ever.. lol🐾💜🐾." Ha! Yeah right! He knows he gets all the attention and just one second without eyes on him, he's a mess! 

TikTok users are sharing their experiences with attention-seeking dogs. @Mojean Steak wrote, "My german shepherd is the same, both with the shedding and the sass when not getting enough attention 😂." HA! Guess that's what happens when we get stuck in quarantine with our pups. They expect constant love and affection from us!