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Dog Cries With Heartache While Watching Videos of Dog Brother Who Died

Have you ever wondered if animals have any concept of knowing that other animals and humans have passed on? After seeing a TikTok video of a dog openly crying while watching videos of the family's late Golden Retriever, you just might be convinced that they know all too well the ones they love are no longer with us.

The video was shared by @jessie_blondie, and with over half a million views, it's bringing tears to the eyes of everyone who watches it. The text on the video reads, "I was watching videos of my dog who passed a way a couple of years ago, and Alex started crying. He still remembers him." Jessie, the creator, captioned the clip with, "I immediately started sobbing. I miss him every day."

Seeing the dog react that way is so sad, yet so beautiful all at the same time. It really does show just how bonded he was to his dog brother, and he probably wonders why he can't see him, other than through a computer screen. 

This video is really choking people up, and plenty of commenters said it made them cry, too. @Bre Frye said, "I’m not ready for this. My “therapy dog” (not registered) is getting old and my younger dog has never known life without her 😭." And Jessie, the pup's owner, replied with, "😢 It’s so hard to lose a pup. It took Alex 2 weeks to stop looking for Charlie when he wanted to play." 

Another TikTok user, @Hatch, could truly relate, saying, "Once, my dog saw a dog that looked like his older sister that passed 10 yrs earlier... when he realized it wasn't her, he cried the whole rest of the day."

While this clip is so tough to watch, it just proves even further how special our animals are and that we can never take the time we have with them for granted. It's so important to be grateful for them and appreciate them every single day.