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Video of Dog Sweetly Cuddling Mom's Pregnant Belly Is Bringing Tears to People's Eyes

Do you ever wonder what goes on in a pet's mind when their human mom is pregnant? They can sense something is happening, but do you think they realize a new human is coming soon? For TikTok user @beachblondeboston, her rescue dog has been an angel from the moment she was pregnant with her first child. And now that she's due for her second child, the dog is no different. 

In a recent TikTok clip, she's lying down snuggling next to her pup named Mason. Mason nuzzles right in next to her baby bump, wanting to be there for her every second. His protectiveness has us in tears! 

Aww! This is so amazing, and we can just tell by how he's looking after her that he's going to be a great doggy brother to the newborn. Plus, this isn't his first rodeo. She wrote in the comments, "He was like this with my 1st baby as well (who’s now 2) and they are still besties." Stop it!! Now they're going to be the three best friends, and we can't handle it! 

@Jersey girl 16 said, "It's amazing how they know aww." It really is! We're so impressed with the fact that they can just sense when their human is pregnant. "This is a beautiful example of a dog's beautiful love and intuitions of love and understanding ❤," wrote @Kathy Dowd986. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

"Baby trying to pet that dog already," commented @macgina7. She was referring to the baby kicking in her mom's stomach when the dog was next to her. Mason even opened his eyes when the baby was moving around. They truly are best friends and haven't even met each other yet. "Cute doggo patiently waiting for his best friend 😊," added @kohai41. But can the baby hurry along because we're not so patient and want them to meet already. The good news is that the creator already said she'll update us with a video when they get to meet. Yay!