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Video of Dog Anxiously Awaiting on His 'Culver's' Chicken Tenders Is Just Too Much

We all have a favorite food that has us jumping with excitement. Maybe it's a sweet treat or perhaps a savory snack, but either way, we are thrilled whenever we get our hands, or paws, on it. One Border Collie shows he can relate to this by his funny behavior when he realized he was getting his favorite food.

TikTok user @jaysonzick1 recently shared a video of his Border Collie waiting for some Culver's chicken tenders. In the video, this pup is riding shotgun while they're in the drive through line, and he can see them preparing his food through the restaurant window. His reaction is just the best. Check out the video to see what this Border Collie does while anxiously waiting on his meal.

OMG, this pup is too funny! The way he licks his lips in anticipation is so cute, and his concentrating face at the end is too funny. We can't blame him though, we love chicken tenders too!

People in the comments thought his eagerness for his food was amazing. @f.r.e.n.c.h.i.e said, "He’s literally yearning," and @bathbeautyandbliss commented, "His face at the end, such concentration!" This pup is such a good boy that said, "He bought them with good boy points!" This is one payment system we can get behind!

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This pup's owner blessed us with a second video showing just how focused this Border Collie can be. After receiving their food, his owner reaches into the bag to grab a chicken tender and pans over to show his dog's reaction.

This is one patient dog! We'd be chomping at the bit to get our paws on the chicken tenders but this pup still sits and waits in the passenger seat like a good boy. Though, with the way he's looking at the bag, we're surprised it isn't levitating straight into the pup's mouth!

Next time you're at Culver's make sure you grab a snack for your pup! These videos are a testament to the deliciousness of their chicken tenders, and we've heard they have a great plain doggy burger and pup cup. An option for every furry friend!

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