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Dog Angrily 'Cusses Out Mom' After Realizing He's at the Vet

Don't you wish that your furry friends could understand that going to the vet isn't a bad thing? Vets are there to help them when they're feeling sick. But more often than not, animals are terrified of having a visit. It can be difficult trying to get your pet into the building, leading to very dramatic meltdowns.

TikTok doggo @Waltergeoffrey is known for his crying and howling, which has brought in over 800K followers. They tune in to listen to the latest of Walter's dramatic responses. His TikTok bio reads, "📍Meltdown City @ the corner of Emotionally Unstable & Overdramatic," and we're all loving his adorable and hilarious outbursts. Walter's latest meltdown is when he realized his mom pulled into the vet parking lot after he got hives. We can't help my laugh at how he's "cussing" at his mom! 

"He said "hold up, I'm getting a shot too????" @brennamcknight42 said. You can see Walter's eyes immediately turn to fear when he heard he was getting a shot. He quickly stopped yelling and thought, "Are you serious?!" But he more than likely continued on with his protests! How long do you think it took to get Walter out of that car!? He was probably howling through the whole appointment.

"Walter quit stressin all the time and you won't get hives 😂😂," added @Kayla🐝. Seriously Walter, if you listen to your mom and vet, you could be in and out in no time! You have a great life and loving family. There is no need to be dramatic all the time! But for the sake of a laugh, we would love to keep hearing your tantrums!

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"I love Walter, I hope he feels better soon!" said @Tara Renner933. We hope he feels better, too. Before we know it, he'll be back to his overdramatic tendencies, and we can't wait to hear what triggers him next time! 

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