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Dog's Precious Way of Showing She's a 'Daddy's Girl' Is Too Funny

Just because a dog's love is unconditional doesn't mean it's equal, too. Just ask dog mom and TikToker @britbolin, who was unapologetically denied by her pup when she went in for a smooch. If that were us, TBH--we'd feel quite hurt!

The silly Catahoula Leopard Dog showed no hesitation in letting Dad shower her in kisses, but she had some objections when her mom went in for the very same. If we weren't too busy LOL-ing, we'd be shocked at such blatant rejection!

LMAO! We do feel a bit bad for laughing so much, but it's only because the struggle is so relatable. Even if it's only sometimes, it can be frustrating when a pet clearly has a favorite...especially when it's not you. 

"Hahah this would hurt my feelings," said commenter @alex.toderica. Same! If we don't have our fur baby's love, which we work tirelessly to get, what do we have? It's an even bigger kick in the pants that she rejects Mom's attempts at affection, asks for kisses from dad, "and STARES AT YOU THE WHOLE TIME." @Brandsammich knows exactly what we're talking about! The mixed signals--wanting kisses and then rejecting them--are endlessly confusing.

"That dog secretly thinks about taking you out of the picture ," guessed @blrichards. We wouldn't be surprised! The vibe between them here feels tense to say the least, though we can't judge anything off of one video. Maybe the Catahoula just wanted her dad! 

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