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Dog's Reaction to Dad Playing the Harmonica Is Too Groovy To Scroll Past

Here and there you catch your pet jamming to music you have on. They might find the rhythm of the music, bopping their little head to the beat or relaxing to the sounds. Maybe you'll see your furry besties "dancing" to the music, just like we do! Whatever your pet might do, one thing is certain, no one can deny the power of music and especially not TikTok user @rafaellopez5814's dog!

This TikTok creator was prepping his pipes and harmonica to play music in the house. He let out one blow into the instrument, which was clearly a symbol for the dog to get ready. The performance was about to start. They lock eye contact and then the creator let loose with his harmonica skills. The dog's reaction is everything. No wonder this clip has racked in nearly 40 million views!

LOL! Just after one little blow into the harmonica, the dog knew he had to put down the toy and get ready. Then the TikTok creator and dog both looked at each other like, 'Let's blow this party away!' Ha! And seriously, they surprised us! But we're so glad they did because that might be the most incredible performance we've ever seen.

"El perro: OHH THIS MY SONGGG," commented @damnitsfabri. Oh boy, do we know that feeling! When your song comes on and you can't stop dancing. Been there, done that! "The way it just started going rampage with that hit 🤘🏼💃🏻🕺🏻," said @8heylolitahey. Sometimes the music just takes control of you! @Johannson Echeverri Garcia added, "Helicopter helicopter🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁." Ha, our new favorite dance move! And after seeing how popular this video got, we wouldn't be surprised if the "helicopter" dance move is seen in the clubs! 

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We're doing exactly what @Whitney Bryant said. The comment reads, "Heading to Amazon: harmonica." We don't care if we can't play, we just want to see our dog dancing like this! LOL!

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