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Video of Dog Dancing With Her Parents Is the Stuff of Dreams

When you have a dog, you also have a built-in best friend. They can be the perfect buddy to cuddle with, play with, or even dance with, as one adorable couple proved. Their impromptu dance party with Phoebe, their miniature Labradoodle, was the cutest thing we've seen on the Internet all week.

The floofy girl, who goes by @phoebelabradoodle, has some serious dance moves! She obviously knows how to win over her parents--and all of TikTok, too. 

What a dancing queen! We are obsessed with Miss Pheobe's all-star moves, and her paw-rents' enthusiasm is contagious! Commenter @rockythekeeshond totally agrees, saying, "absolutely adorable omG." OMG, indeed! Her hops are oh-so-cute, and we will never have enough!
@Moragmcniven thought this was, "just the sweetest video EVER!!," and we can't help but agree. 

Like @shorestar said, "Omg [s]he’s really dancing and loves it!!." It's even better when her mom and dad get in on the fun! To be fair, though, it's hard to reist the funky beat. Believe us--we've tried! While this little Labradoodle keeps on dancing, we'll be jiving right along with her. 

"Um exCUSE me HER BODY ROLLS?!?!?" @drdreydrey wrote. She knows Phoebe is a true "dancing queen." Sounds like another fan who's totally obsessed with this superstar! TBH, we don't blame you one bit! She's totally fabulous!

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