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Dog Day Care Worker's On-the-Job Photos Have Us in Total Envy

Every now and again, we find someone with a job that seems too good to be true; and most of the time, that job has something to do with pets. From dog wedding chaperones to animal shelter photographers, nothing beats getting paid to interact with furry friends.

You can add 'dog daycare worker' to the list now because's latest popular video has us absolutely in love with her job. This particular video shows some of her favorite photos of pups being all cute n' happy, but we have a feeling we'd enjoy the rambunctious moments just as much. Her 'clients' are paw-sitively precious!

OMG! These fur babies are so precious! No wonder she loves these pictures so much. We think it's safe to say that her viewers are loving these photos, too--the comments are simply the best!

"That first one looks like the happiest couple on earth :)," wrote @everyonesfavoritegaygal. Don't they? The pup on the right has a smile that could light up any room...and it turns out that he's's furry friend! "That’s my dog and his girlfriend 🥰," she wrote. Aww! They are just the cutest couple!

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A lot of viewers, like @lisa.burii, loved "THE CORGIE PICTURE✨✨." How could anyone not?! Corgi butts are a work of art, and we feel blessed to have seen this floof. Honestly, though, all the dogs look oh-so-happy at this doggy daycare! 

"Aww you can see the smiles behind their eyes," agreed @caitlynxsills. With some, you can even see the smiles on their faces! Dogs' happiness is super contagious, so we were smiling like crazy by the end of this video, too!

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