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Australia Dog Day Care Shares Their Pups' 'Quirks' and People Are Having a Field Day

You know who knows your pup as well as you do? The people who work at their day care. They see your little pooch all the time so they know all of their habits. That's why we're really rolling over a video that one day care made of some of their dog's most hilarious quirks. 

The adorable clip was shared by Paddington Pups (@paddingtonpups), a day care facility in Queensland, Australia. The video features some of their pups unusual patterns.

Take Horace for instance, the day care joked that his lighter ends were "frosted tips." While Baird loves "fake treats." Willow and Bella had their unusual practices too, but you'll need to watch the video to see the quirks in all their glory. 

"The highly anticipated part two of our quirky pack," the video's caption jokes. 

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The comments section wanted more of the playful pups. "Horace's hair looks like he did a L'Oréal box dye ombré kit lol," @laurabowles93 joked. "*Shows my hairdresser a picture of Horace* yes this is what I want," @ashisadonkey teased. "Baird knows, he's just a little confused and worried about hurting your feelings," @michaelt23 kidded. 

However, one commenter really said what we're all thinking: "Oh gosh I just adore all of them," @mykomushroom wrote. We agree! 

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