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Dog's Pitiful Reaction to 'Daylight Savings Time' Makes Us LOL

We, for one, love daylight savings time. Well, not the part where it gets darker earlier. We tend to only like it because of the extra hour of sleep we get. LOL! You'd think everyone would love that, but you'd be surprised. 

We think the only living thing that isn't a fan of daylight has to be our pets. They can't stand waiting an extra hour to eat. Just look at TikTok user @booplethesnoot's dog for example. The way the dog looks at the food bowl is just too hilarious for words. 

LMAO! We can't get over this video! We swear every single person who has a pet experiences this. They'll bark or cry until you wake up and give them food. Or maybe they're like this dog that looks longingly at the bowl, waiting for food to magically appear. Either way, they think you forgot about them. 

@heathergropp commented, "...My Boxer is very serious about dinner time and thought I was denying him food." HA! Don't pets know by now we would never deny them food? We might run a few minutes behind, but we'd never do that to them! "My dogs just bark relentlessly until you feed them," added @carlosvilheto. Oh no, no, no. We'd give in so quickly if that happened in our house. LOL! 

TikTok user @bryrighty offered a suggestion for the next time daylight savings rolls around. The comment reads, "I always adjusted the time so he didn't freak out. 10-15 minutes each day til it syncs up." That's not a bad idea! Push their eating time little by little. That way they won't panic, hopefully! 


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