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Mystery Illness That's Leading to Dog Deaths in Michigan Is Truly Terrifying

There's unfortunate news coming from Michigan this week that has left scientists, vets and the rest of us very confused and worried. Dozens dogs have unfortunately passed because of a mystery illness. ABC News shared a little more about the horrible news on their TikTok account, @abcnews

According to the report, most of the dogs affected are younger than 2 years old. These dogs are suffering from "severe gastrointestinal problems." Vets were first thinking that this illness is similar to the parvo virus which spreads between dogs, although all of the dogs tested negative for it. So what could possibly be going on? Listen to the clip to find out more.  

This is breaking our hearts into a million pieces. Plus, it's so terrifying. The fact that this illness is stumping vets is the scariest part. "I live in Michigan, so worried for my dogs 💔🙏🏻," said @CherylDogLover. We think it's safe to say that everyone is so worried for dogs at this point, especially for all the dogs in Michigan. 

"This is soo heartbreaking☹️!!!! Dogs don't deserve this and honestly no animal deserves this. Dogs bring so much joy into my life so seeing this hurt," commented @Erica Alexis. Ugh, they don't deserve this at all. And our hearts go out to the families who lost their dogs to this unknown illness. "That's it my dog going on quarantine," said @melimelisa_. That's one way to keep them safe!

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The Otsego County Animal Shelter, who originally released the statement about this illness, said the virus is not affecting one breed over another, but more common in younger dogs. After further evaluation, vets do believe that this illness is parvo virus, just a different strain. So what should dog owners be doing at this point? Animal control officials are recommending that owners make sure their dogs are up-to-date and fully vaccinated. 

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