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Dog's Priceless Reaction to Getting Caught Destroying a Pillow Makes Us LOL

We've all been caught getting into mischief when we aren't supposed to, and there are a variety of reactions to getting caught, such as making up excuses, or denying any wrongdoing. One pup got caught acting out, and her unusual reaction is priceless.

TikTok user @thatdogisasight recently shared a video of her dog German Shepherd mix, Millie, who is laying on the floor surrounded by pillow stuffing. Check out the video to see what this pup's hilarious reaction is to her mom walking in on the chaos.

LOL, this is too funny! Millie froze when she realized mom had walked in and was ready to scold her. Maybe she thought that if she didn't move, Mom wouldn't see her. Nice try pup!

People in the comments were in solidarity with Millie. @twannegreen said, "I froze with him, we in this together," and @aleeshayerzakovich commented, "As her lawyer, I see nothing here, absolutely nothing, this is nothing but an illusion." We're glad there are some loyal allies in Millie's corner!

Others imaged what this pup might have said in this moment. @rodneyjamesgray4 commented, '"Oh thank God you're home. I was just sitting here and it just exploded. I'm lucky to be alive."' Another user, @alibean1976, imaged Millie said, '"I don’t know what happened? I woke up like this."' This pup is innocent of any wrongdoing!

It's so amusing how dogs freeze when they get caught misbehaving, as if we will suddenly not see them or the mayhem they have caused. Funny moments like this help soften the blow when our dogs get a little destructive in the house.

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