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Dog's Disappointed Reaction to Mom's Way of Preparing Her Food Is the Best

You can't deny that while growing up you preferred one parent to cook over another. Nothing against the other parent, but cooking isn't everyone's forte. And apparently, dogs now have a parent they prefer who prepares their food. 

TikTok user @heyymrsscarterr is, unfortunately, the one parent who isn't as good at making her dog's food. The dad puts "special toppings" on the dog's kibble and now that the dog is used to it, she only wants it that way. LOL! So watch her reaction when she doesn't get it from mom. 

LMAO! Is she serious?! She really looked back at her mom and said, "You know this is not how it's supposed to be made." A doggo who knows what she wants, we love it! Well, we love it because it's hilarious, but we bet it does get annoying. At least she's a cutie! 

"She's thinking, 'This was NOT made with love,'" commented @crazyskittlemom. And she was NOT happy. @ale_intexas added, "Wants to speak with the manager." That look she gave was the same look Karens give when they aren't happy with the customer service. LOL!

And before everyone starts coming for this TikToker for being a bad mom, she wrote in the comments that this doggo did get her toppings, as she always does. LOL! The mom was just seeing if her dog would eat it without the toppings since friends were watching her. Guess the friends will have to add the toppings too. Ha! 

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