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Dog Discovers How a Piano Works in Video That's Full of Joy

Music is nearly universally loved among people, but now our furry friends are starting to share the love for song, too. Who knew?! There are tons of precious videos of dogs howling along to their owner's singing--or simply tilting their head to new sounds--but one Labrador Retriever named Augi is responsible for millions of smiles. All he did was discover the piano!

In the precious video shared by @augidoggie, the pup's personal TikTok account, viewers see Augi watching closely as his human mum taps a few piano keys. When he decides to try it too, he has the sweetest reaction. So does his mama! We just can't get enough of the duo.

Ok, wait, that sounded kind of decent, right? It's not just us? Clearly not, or @bazookaloe wouldn't have commented almost the same thing: "It actually sounded good 😳." We're just as shocked! 

Others are impressed that, of all the sounds that could've been made, Augi's composition sounded very familiar. "Doggo started playing chopsticks!! 😂," @kristenbates3 wrote, and the 2 thousand likes lead us to believe that others heard it, too. It was purely chance, but we're going to pretend like it wasn't!

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His musical abilities aside, "the way he was slightly alarmed" at his own music has us (and @georgiabecker0) dying of laughter. Hopefully, he got used to the new sounds, but we wouldn't be surprised if he makes this new hobby a regular occurrence. We wouldn't mind it either, though @cadencturner makes an excellent point: "[all] fun and games until they do it at 2am lol." Even then, we'd get up for Augi's midnight performance! 

No matter how, or when, he plays his piano, this pup will surely go down in music history. Commenter @kmo01 says she's "telling [her] kids this was billy joel," while @luke.durling calls this Lab "the next Mozart." We guess you could call him Mozbark! Either way, TikTok absolutely needs to hear Augi's next single, preferably sooner rather than later.  

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