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Explanation Video of Dog's Displacement Behavior Is Eye-Opening

You may have a dog who seemly gets so excited when someone walks in the door that they immediately grab their toy. We previously thought this meant they were dying to play with someone. But, thanks to a TikTok video from @fivebyfivek9, we're learning there's more behind that behavior. 

As it turns out, this action of getting a toy when a guest comes in the door is called displacement behavior. Did you know that? Because we had no idea! Listen to the clip to find out this certified dog trainer's explanation of what this type of behavior means. 

The video says that this pretty much happens when dogs have really big feelings. O.M.G. Stop it! That's one of the cutest things we've ever heard. They have so many feelings because they're so excited to see us humans. Ugh, precious!

@alllayna wrote, "My dog grabs a toy AND jumps on people… what does that mean lol." Ha! Our guess is that dogs who do this have the most emotions out of any dog. And a stuffed animal can't even control those feelings! "Uh no, she's giving me a gift. It's her love language," said @itsaaiiaa. LOL! That could very well be the case too! 

"Is it a bad thing? It seems like something that could help to teach the dog to go get you instead of jumping up and barking," asked @marissa.m26. Don't worry, not a bad behavior at all! The creator responded by saying, "Can be good coping/self-soothing." Plus, they look cute as heck doing it! 


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