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Golden Retriever Diving Into Pool for Her Ball Has Future Olympian Written All Over Her

We hope you're ready for the next great diver of our generation because this Golden Retriever is making a name for herself. She's out here training for the 2024 Olympics already and TikTok user @dogmomandkids let us in on a day-in-the-life of her dog's training schedule and it's downright impressive. 

The TikTok video shows the dog Daisy preparing for her dive into the water. She takes a deep breath and the camera then followers her underwater. She just keeps swimming, pushing her paws through the water to go further down. It's a little nerve-racking, but we promise you that you'll be yelling for her to keep going, just like one does when watching the Olympics. 

OMG! When you look up dogs doing impressive tricks, this has to be listed first. She's absolutely incredible! We didn't know what she was diving for at first, but then the ball was revealed and then we couldn't stop rooting for her. @prettyluscious247 wrote, "Me cheering her on!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽." Us too! We were on the edge of our seats, wondering if she was going to get the ball! 

Several TikTokers flooded the comment section, asking questions about Daisy's diving adventures. @Jason Gildner asked, "Did you teach her to do it or did they just do it automatically? Our lab won’t dive." The creator responded by saying, "My lab won’t dive either. (Daisy) pretty much did it on her own. Once or twice we held the ball under water a little down and she would dunk her head to get it." Aww, swimming isn't for everyone. But Daisy was immediately hooked! We bet it's difficult trying to get her out of the pool. LOL! 

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The soundtrack to this video was just perfect. She really was trying to complete Mission Impossible. Although, nothing was impossible for this determined doggo. As @heathbhamilton said, "Mission Paws-ible." HA! Next mission: Olympic gold! 

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