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Mini Cockapoo's Response to Multiplication Question Is Beyond Impressive

If you told us dogs can now solve math problems, we would say you're insane. There's no possible way. Right? Well, apparently we spoke too soon! Is there anything dogs can't do?!

TikTok doggo @lunatheminicockapoo was sitting in the car with her dad when he stopped and asked her a math question. "What's 3 times 2?" he said. Silence sets in. You could see her wheels turning and then all of a sudden, Luna gives her answer. You seriously won't believe this! 

O.M.G. Did anyone else have to watch this several times to make sure you weren't imagining this?! Don't worry, you aren't imagining it. LOL! This Mini Cockapoo actually answered the multiplication question by tapping her paw on his arm. And she got it right! What?!

"Not me thinking she was actually gonna talk 💀," commented @MKVdm. LOL! Don't worry, we totally thought this, but the taps are just as amazing. "I like the way she takes her time to think 😂," added @docombaso. She was double-checking herself before her final answer. Like all good mathematicians do! "Dog smarter than me fr," wrote @SidSawant. HA! Same here, same here. 

Another TikTok user, @rebelluv666, said, "Luna is so smart and adorable too." Right?! She has beauty and brains! Again, no matter how many times we watch Luna we'll still be wondering what @peta.gae wrote. The comment reads, "How is that possible?" The world may never know! 


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