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Dog Performing Every Trick in One Movement Will Leave You in Stitches

Do you ever wonder what goes through our dogs' minds when we ask them to do tricks? They're probably so annoyed with it, but they know a treat is coming by the end so they stick it out. Maybe that's why they pick up on tricks so quickly - do it for the treats! But what TikTok user @samantha.randall's dog does for a treat shows us that dogs like to work smarter, not harder. 

This TikToker decided to show the world what her too-smart-for-us dog decides to do for a treat. He knows all the normal command tricks - sit, paw, lay down and roll over. So he's thinking to himself, 'Why do it all separately when I can do it all at once?' And honestly, he's not wrong! Watch his hilarious take on one swift movement of tricks which has gained over 5 million views!

LMAO! We're not only impressed by this dog doing every single move all in one but we're also impressed with the fact he thought to do it. It's genius! Once again, working smarter not harder! 

"He is putting WORK for that treat!😂❤️," commented @sarasings1. Truly! We'd think doing it this way would be way more difficult. And because of that, he definitely deserves extra treats! "He's like, 'One of these gotta work,'" added @brwnprncss. HA! The mom really can't deny him a treat now because he did everything she would have asked anyway! @misochangg said, "It's giving 'he's on X Games.'" LOL! That's exactly the soundtrack we thought of while watching this clip. (And don't worry, the creator made another video with that sound!) 

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Even the beloved fast-food company SONIC commented on this video saying, "What would he do for a pup cup?🐶." HA! We imagine he'd be doing nonstop spins for the sweet, sweet goodness of a puppuccino! 

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