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Beautiful Video Captures Dog Swimming With Dolphins in Turks and Caicos

Swimming alongside dolphins is a bucket list item for so many people, but one lucky dog got to take part in the adventure too. Needless to say, TikTok is buzzing over the pup's once-in-a-lifetime encounter on Turks and Caicos--including us. Ocean exploration tour company @waketowaketc posted the unbelievable clip, and nearly 100 thousand people have enjoyed it so far. 

The boating company may be used to enchanting oceanic experiences, but adding a furry friend to the mix made it even more special. Look for yourself!

How sweet is this? We love the pupper's enthusiasm for the dolphins, though--let's be honest--we'd be just as excited to swim with them, too. The others in the water know what we're talking about!

"Is this Heaven??" asked @juanfawkes. It's pretty dang close! Not only is it magical to swim with dolphins in the first place, but to have a furry friend live out a core memory, too? It's priceless!

As gorgeous as the scene is, many commenters were super impressed with the athletic dog. Like @regalaries said, "that dog is a strong swimmer!" He seems to have no issues treading water and paddling for a full minute, though we love that he's closely supervised just in case. Better safe than sorry!

"Your dog will probably take a long nap after that swim," added @nelleyram_3. After a workout like that, who wouldn't? Even just standing in the sun can be exhausting; we wouldn't be surprised if this pup slept for hours after this outing. We know we sure would!

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