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Woman Gets Sweetest Morning Greeting From Her Dog and Her Donkey and We're So Envious

We all dream of being greeted by an entourage of animals in the morning. It would be so cute and the perfect way to set the tone of the day. One woman is living this dream with the daily morning greeting she gets from her farm animals.

TikTok user @triplebrookfarm recently shared an adorable and hilarious video of her Great Pyrenees, Trip, and her donkey, Hank, greeting her in the morning. Check out the video to see this lovely interaction that is causing so much jealousy on TikTok.

Awww, this is so sweet! Hank and Trip were clearly very excited to see their momma, and this greeting is the best way to start your day! It was so cute to see the relationship between this pup and donkey as well. They are the best of friends!

People in the comments were falling in love with this duo. @saraahughes said, "This is the cutest thing ever!" and @shelbyk555 commented, "OMG, I would love mornings if I woke to this!" We think it would be impossible to have a bad day that starts like this.

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Others thought Trip and Hank's play fighting was too funny and couldn't get enough of this friendship. @sassynicnic commented, "Hank had to wait for the dramatic entrance," and @tinamarie8527 said, "Hank says if you're a dog I'm a dog. This is the sweetest!" Who needs friends in our own species when we ca have companionship like Hank and Trip!

This is the kind of morning we dream about having, and we are so envious of this momma. We hope that one day we are able to visit a place like this and get a taste of these mornings!

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