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Dog's Sweet Reason for Dragging Mom Through the Park Is Priceless

Our hearts absolutely can't stand this because this gorgeous Golden Retriever is just the sweetest baby ever. TikTok user @Whiskeytoller was walking her dog Whiskey through the park and when Whiskey started dragging mom to show her something.

What she found is nothing short of magical. Dogs truly are the best. Watch the following video and get ready to have your heart melt! 

Whiskey wanted to play with the moon! Awwwww! What a baby! Our hearts are melting. This video is totally enchanting TikTok users with @MrsA commenting, "Give her the moon this instant!" Awwww, she deserves the moon. @TiktokObserver experienced something similar and adds, "I’ll be darned my dog was doing something similar a couple nights ago. I never even thought that’s what he was doing." @Journey posts, "My dog tried to do this once and I literally melted it was so cute." @Li says, "We need to get the moon for this baby!"

It's just the sweetest thing ever. We totally don't deserve dogs. But all dogs deserve the moon. 

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