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Dog's Dramatic Reaction to Getting Her Shots at the Vet Is Just Adorable

No one likes going to the doctor, and most people especially hate having to get shots. It's uncomfortable and a bit scary, so it isn't surprising that it can lead to some unhappy patients. When one dog had to go to the veterinarian, she was not pleased.

TikTok user @katherinepatriick recently shared a video of her Pit Bull, Cove, while she was at her veterinarian appointment. In the video, Cove has quite the reaction to having to get a shot, and it is just too adorable. Check out the video to see what Cove thought about her visit to the vet!

Awww, this pup is too cute! Cove was not happy about having to get a shot, and she put on the biggest pout afterwards. We hope her momma gave her a lot of treats and cuddles when they got home!

People in the comments are demanding Cove gets plenty of apologies for this suffering that she has gone through. @alyssahew01 said, "That vet better be coming back with an apology for that good girl as well," and @josegdelgadojr commented, "You get her a pup cup, a treat, some chicken nuggets, and a brand new bed." Cove needs some pampering to make up for this vet visit!

Others were amazed at how cute Cove is. @ac6541 commented, "She so beautiful. You’re a good momma!" and @_goosesmomma said, "Hahaha! That baby face! What a beautiful, sweet, funny pup! I love her." Cove is certainly one of the most precious pups we've ever seen!

We know it isn't fun to go to the vet, so we are very proud of Cove for being such a brave girl. While her pouts were adorable, we hope she doesn't have a reason to make that face again any time soon!

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