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Dog's Dream Is So Vivid People Think She Sounds Like She's Driving a Race Car

Aww. Puppy dreams can be so animated, which makes them even more adorable. Whether they're thinking about chasing cars, cats, or simply thinking about getting some delicious treats, dogs definitely do dream. And in a new TikTok video that was shared by @zeusandroot, one pup was clearly having the dream of her life.

In the clip, you'll see the Black Lab snoozing away on her bed. Pay close attention to the noises she's making because her intense sounds make it sound like she's driving a race car, or something! Captioned with, "I wonder if she won the race," we're asking ourselves the same thing. 

Goodness gracious! What on earth was this pup doing in this wild dream of hers?! Her little sounds are just too funny. One commenter, @saralr.holdsworth said, "Dogtok and F1?! I have found my people 😁 She 100% won and is now the world champion 🥰." Another TikTok user, @Benjamin Christopher thought he knew what was on the pup's mind, saying, "Na. That dog is dreaming about driving trucks. Blip the throttle for the downshift and hit the Jake brake." And @Carlos Estrada joked, "That's more like a '69 Chevelle. 😂"

Whatever this dog happened to be dreaming about, however, she certainly provided a good dose of entertainment for her owner. If she were ours, we'd have no choice but to sit and watch her sleep all day long!

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