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Dog Rides the Subway Dressed as a Little Human and People Are Into It

Now here's something most of us don't see on our daily commute. If ever. We aren't even sure what our reaction would be IF we did see something like this, but we are pretty sure it would lie somewhere between squealing like maniacs, taking photos, and demanding pets. 

Just watch this hilarious video TikTok user @PoochofNYC posted of their dog who basically looks like a very furry toddler and see what you would think. 

The comments on this one are just gold. Everyone thinks they know exactly who this dog looks like. @Burntdorritos comments, "Lenny Kravitz on his way to his concert lol." @Lizdemiray adds, "That is the dog version of Bob Ross." Bob Ross? We can totally see that! @NathanialLeonard comments, "This looks like the coldest music video of 2022." LOL, love it! 

This dog is so cute we are willing to give it a pass for being better dressed than we are. @KendellRoss wins all the comments adding what so many of us are probably thinking, posting, "This how my wife's aunt is gonna be showing up to Thanksgiving." LOL! 

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