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Dog's Reaction to Going Under Highway Bridges in the Car Is Just Priceless

Taking your dog on a car ride is such a mixed bag. On one hand, they definitely are going to try and sit on your lap while you're driving. Get out of the way, Spot! On the other, they make the best traveling companions. No one is going to keep you company like your dog does. On TikTok, one dog has people absolutely cracking up over the hilarious thing he does in the car. Although you probably won't blame him once you see what it is.

Dogs are really perceptive. It might not seem like it, but somehow they always know what's going on. That doesn't always mean that they draw the right conclusion, but for sure dogs always know what's up. Just like Wally (the dog), who was in the car with his mama Christine Alvarado (@christinealvarado6) when she noticed that he had a certain habit while in the passenger seat. It's absolutely hysterical, take a look!

"He ducks when we go under bridges," the video's text overlay reads. And he totally did! Wally must've worried that he was going to hit his head. 

The video has since been watched over 1 million times and people in the comments section were laughing so hard. "The fact that someone recording means the dog sat in the front seat even though there were other passengers and that makes me so happy," @tandis_ash wrote. "Funny and very good situational awareness right there," @bokaaga added. "I like how he looks at you like didn’t you see that," @garyhuston61 joked. "He is like 'don’t laugh, that was a close one,'" @oh_no_gizmo teased.

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Thankfully, Wally (nor his mama) was ever in any danger. But we do like a dog who always plays it safe. 

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