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Viral Video of Chocolate Lab Eating a Potato Chip Has People Captivated

Here's something pups and people can both agree on: snacks are life. Just ask Tucker the Chocolate Labrador who recently went viral for his chip chomping skills. With over 28 million views, 5.6 million likes, and 50 thousand comments, it's safe to say that this pup is getting a taste of TikTok stardom. 

The hilarious clip was first uploaded by @emmaseelye, Tucker's human mom and provider of snacks. Viewers can see her offer one of her potato chips to the curious pup, but it's the chomp that follows that makes the video so irresistible. 

Oh my goodness! What in the world? That crunching was just so fast that we had to watch it a few times! So did @teesgreen who commented, "I’ve watched this at least 20 times in a row." LOL, glad it's not just us!

We're not sure what's funnier: the sight or the sound of him munching on that chip. The crunches are worthy of an ASMR video to be sure, but how funny was it to see that mouth and tongue moving so fast? Either way, we're with @ryancoop4, who wrote, "This made my whole week and it just started 🤣." Who wouldn't love Tucker's silly chomps?

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"It’s like when SpongeBob and Patrick had their chocolate bars and Patrick wondered where his went 😂," @cheesepizzaplz commented. We are dying! If we could retweet that, we 100% would. Tucker definitely has Patrick Star energy. 

Then again, so do we when we have a plate of chips in front of us. @The_mannii knows exactly what we're talking about. She commented, "Me eating chips:" on Tucker's clip, and we are still LOL-ing! 

It was no surprise that @kleytonlentz's comment was top-rated. "SLOW-mo🙏," he requested, and slow-mo, he got. 

As entertaining as it was to see the video in slow-mo, it made us (and many commenters) realize something: the original video was sped up!

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