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Parents of 15-Year-Old Dog Build Him an Elevator and Hearts Are Melting

It's hard to see our favorite four-legged friends get older. They might not play as much or they might walk slower. Their health problems, unfortunately, start to creep up. And just as any parent would do, we try to make them as comfortable as possible. That could include giving them new supplements in their food, making a special bed or even building them an elevator. Yes, an elevator! 

TikTok user @loganmend624 went above and beyond what any of us have done for our pets. They built their 15-year-old dog an elevator so he wouldn't have to go up and down the stairs anymore. Aww! Have you ever heard of pawrents doing something like that for their dog?! We haven't! But once we saw this, we immediately started planning to get one and you will too! 

Stop it! This is absolutely amazing! We didn't even know this was even a possibility for your home and now we're going to start looking into it. You know, just to prep early for our pups! 

"My life goal is to be rich enough to give my dog the life she deserves like your good boi," commented At this point, that's everyone's goal and it's the only thing we want to be spending our money on! "The face you sent the ball down with him," said @peachyrhino. HA! They're just trying to make him comfortable.

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@Jacky Vazquez added, "I love this so much. Y'all are amazing dog parents." Retweet! Does this put them in the running for #1 dog parents?! Maybe this part two will crown them with that title! 

Incredible! You can see the dog's amazement as he was coming down. He made the connection that this would help him go upstairs and back down. Even the other dog was impressed. @_rileylol_ said, "The other dog is like when's my turn." LOL! Soon this family is going to need a second elevator! 

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