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Dog's Reaction to a Bike Ride Screams Pedal to the Metal

We're always amazed by a dog's adventurous spirit. They have the confidence to go hiking, swimming, kayaking and surfing. Honestly, we feel like there aren't too many things a dog wouldn't do. They're just trying to live life to the fullest. Living young, wild and free! And that's really no different for TikTok doggo @skylovesadventures.

Sky the dog was out with his owner for another grand adventure. There's a reason why his TikTok name is what it is! His owner decided to film Sky's reaction to hitting the road and it's just perfect. The clip has over 1.3 million views, not too bad for a TikTok debut! Sky is hanging out in a basket-like contraption that is connected to the owner's bike, the wind blowing through his ears. And what he does during the video will just melt your heart! 

Aww! He's having the time of his life on the bike! We would be too if we could sit back and relax without doing any work. LOL! "He absolutely is saying, 'I’m so incredibly happy right now,'" wrote @Marley Wallace. It's true, he told us! He said it in between all that howling! LOL!

You have to admit, the howling was on point. And we aren't the only ones obsessing over how cute it is! "Bro has his own ambulance," commented @TheLegendOfDodo. HA! He totally sounds like an ambulance or fire truck. Could you imagine hearing this while in your car? You'd have to pull over for cuteness! "It’s a doggo emergency. Sound the alarm 🚨 🐶 🚨," added @BackInTime81. The best kind of emergency ever! 

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TikTok user @eveyfae brought up an excellent point. "If the local department doesn’t hire him you should move to a city that would appreciate his talents 😌," the comment read. Exactly! Sky needs to put his talent to use. But if not, we think he'd enjoy going on continuous adventures! 

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